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    5 ft. 7 in.
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    Some College
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I’m an outgoing person who enjoys life to the fullest! I desire good communication and try my best to understand the needs of those around me. I typically learn by doing and when I find something I like, I can become obsessed for awhile. I love to watch tennis and plan to visit each of the Grand Slam events; I have been to the US Open once. I have tried to learn how to play the guitar, but my talent is lacking, so I have become a much better listener than player but I intend to continue learning. My favorite things to do is visit places I have never been; travel destinations, restaurants, or other obscure places. Outdoor activities like horseback riding, skiing, fashion concerts. mountain biking and hiking are a must for me but not an obsession. I appreciate a man who is self-confident and self-assured. I believe the measure of a successful relationship is honesty and a desire to communicate and enjoy each others company. I need a person in my life who challenges me to be better every day and appreciates being challenged as well. If my ideas resonate with you, please contact and thank you for checking me out

What I am looking for

Now all I really need is to find that special man that i can share and enjoy and grow with for the rest of our lives. A true friendship which we were destined to be together and enjoy all the great things life has to offer. He should be smart, sweet. Chemistry is key without it there's nothing!!! It doesnt begin and end with looks but must admit its important. Also its all in the kiss, their is nothing better then a long soft kiss with someone that makes you shiver. If I could have my dreams come true These are the things I'd like to do.To have a cabin deep in the woods, And someone to share both the bad and the good. We'd lie by the fireplace, forever it seems, And share with each other our future of dreams.As we tire of talking, we'd snuggle up close,These are the times, I'd cherish the most. The times when I feel so close to someone, who gives me such pleasure and so much fun. Who isn't afraid of what the future may bring, And share so much love, that our hearts sing. Sometimes I wonder will my dreams come true?