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Im a very sad person at least I have Pete to stand by me I have a very bad drinking problem and Pete has stood beside me all the way but I wonder if Im doing him wrong I could be an asshole towards him some times with Pete but he still stands beside me no matter what I lost him once for drinking and cheating but he took me back and gave another chance I have been in treatment for 2 months now and I miss being home I had to tell Pete that I'm going for more treatment in Hasting Nebraska for 6 months He did not take that so well I'm affraid I'm going to loose him again I should just let him go its not fare for him to have wait for me to clean up my act up . Babe if you read this I'm really sorry I hope you can understand Love you KC
Interests: Tattooing
Dreams: Being with Pete 4 ever never had any one love me so much I wonder what he see's in me I'm not all that but he love me like I'm the last person on earth it feels good to know some one actually cares about me alot never had that before

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