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hey whats up people well first off let me say that im a transexual .if u dont know what that means i cant help u with that an please dont ask me because i'll just think your dum lol if u dont know what a transexual is or the turm ''ts'' thn there is some thing wrong with u ....so figure it out .if u know what it means well then u know more power to u . well so far u know abut me any who the thing i like da best is meeting new people !!!!!!!!about me would'nt u like to know jp.im cool when u get to know me i can be a bitch when i get mad. im a out going person i love to go out with friends and paty or just hang out,love to shop love to go for walks,like to play sports. i don't like to watch it,its a waist of my time!!!! love to write about anything,some times draw and love to text.love music and love to travel. love to go clubing and just being out and about what about you
Music: rock,hip-hop,evrything
TV: depends
Books: depends
Sports: foot ball, basket ball ,ect
Interests: help me to find out!!!
Movies: horror,comedy,ect.
BestFeatures: my personality, and other things
Dreams: seeing the world,doing things no one can

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